Rosalyn's POV

“I, standing here in front of you and the people that we both love so dearly, promise to always love you. I, will always love you. To me, your love is like water. It is shapeless and it is formless but it is also peaceful, yet so, so strong. You cannot live without water and I cannot live without you. You, my darling, are my heart. Remember the very first day we met? From the moment I saw you, I knew, I just knew that you were The One, the one I MUST spend my life with. Our courtship has been the happiest period of my life because, in that time, you become not just my lover and companion, but also my best friend. I promise to support you, through thick and thin. I cannot wait to walk back down that aisle so that I can start the rest of my life with you by my side. You, darling are my best friend, my mate, my confidante and my greatest gift. You are the love of my life, someone who always make me happier than I could ever have imagined and you have

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Sleepy Ash
is there gonna be a sequel?
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Allot of unanswered questions without a second book.
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Kimberly Noll
There hasn’t been a update in 10 months and if that’s the ending then it was terrible. And the repeated story was just bs to fill the pages. The lyrics and vow’s were also just to much I skipped those.
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