258 - The Terms Need Revision, I Think (5)

258 - The Terms Need Revision, I Think (5)

However, the memories in Ye Mo’s head remained elusive as a butterfly in a dream. Things that mattered to him, people that were important to his life, none of their images stayed in his mind. Something was urging him to let it go, to simply embrace the nothingness, but at the same time, he felt that he should resist that urge.

‘If I let go…it will really be gone.’

It was a strange thought, but he trusted his intuition. Ye Mo felt that as long as he gave it his all, he could remember the things he had forgotten. It would be slow, but it would work if he tried hard enough.

So he stopped walking.

He sat down cross-legged amidst the inky black darkness and waited.<

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