262 – Even if the Mind Forgets, the Soul Remembers (4)

262 – Even if the Mind Forgets, the Soul Remembers (4)

The moment her fingertips touched him, it felt as if an invisible chain shackling Ye Mo’s memories shattered into pieces. 

At first, he was ecstatic to know that his memories would be returning to him, and he would be able to understand his situation better. However, it was as if a man expecting to receive a spark of flame enough to light a candle suddenly found a fire so large and dangerous his entire house was covered in flames before he knew it.

Hundreds of unfamiliar distorted images flooded inside his brain, some seemingly his own, of a young genius swordsman from a fallen clan, while other fragmented memories belonged to dozens of other people—an old senile man, a pregnant peasant, a silversmith, a one-armed spearsman, a scholar, a waitress,

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