263 – Even if the Mind Forgets, the Soul Remembers (5)

263 – Even if the Mind Forgets, the Soul Remembers (5)

‘I died?’

Ye Mo tried to remember the last thing that happened to him, but only fragmented pieces of images appeared in his mind. Confusion was the only thing he could feel aside from the head-splitting pain, though he was trying to calm himself and follow the words of the little girl to embrace his memories.

‘Since I died, shouldn’t I undergo samsara? Why am I seeing the memories of my former reincarnations?’

What happened to him before he appeared and walked around that endless darkness?

No, wait, what was he doing before the little girl appeared?

He was swinging his sword against—

The little girl frowned when she saw the images swimming inside his mind.



She reached out her small chubby hands and touched the crown of his head, and she channeled her spiritual energy inside his body, focusing it on erasing those images that did not belong to him or to this era.

“You are in so much pain because you took a peek at
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