11 - I've Been Kidnapped!

The heavily-bandaged Yin was roused by the abnormal smell in the air. It was heavy and sticky and irritating to the nose.

In fact, it wasn't the room itself that smelled nasty. The room looked bland with its gray walls and lack of windows, but it did not stank to high heavens, only maybe a little stale.

The culprit of the smell was those bandages wrapped around Yin. It seemed like they were soaked in blood and medicinal herbs before they were used on her. The bandages caused her to feel numb and the paralysis looked like it would not be gone for quite some time.

"Yuck! I smell!" She wanted to tear the bandages away, but she could not even move her finger, let alone lift her arm. "Wu wu, Yin is now disgusting! Disgusting! I don't like this!"

She struggled to move but in the end, all she could do was flop around like a worm.

"Elder Sis Xuan'er?" she called out. "Bro Hua? Old fogey?"

Where was everyone?

Hey, is this some sort of game? Is this the so-called game that commoner children play, that famous Hide-and-Seek?!

But... why was she tied up? Was this some sort of upgraded version?

Yin might be paralyzed, but she paid it little mind. She was a carefree spirit to begin with. Though she's a mortal that had no qi, her soul was a monster older than Time that could even shoulder and butt heads with the Heavens. Was there anything she needed to fear?

All she had to do was spread... hmm? Why was her consciousness blocked? What's with this room with specially-crafted walls?

Yin then tried to use her divine consciousness to lift her up and untangle the smelly bandages on her limbs. However, the moment she did, she felt the world spin around her and she spat out bloody red ice crystals. In three breaths' time, the red ice crystals dissipated into the air.

"Looks like this body really can't handle my soul," Yin could not help but pity. "Ayaya, when can this world see my splendor? I need to cultivate fast and make this midget stronger."

Yin took a deep breath and tried to move the qi within heaven and earth, manipulating it to push out the numbness inside her body. After a few more tries, she realized that the smelly bandage actually had sealing powers on it. Upon looking closely, she saw rune formations engraved on them, using beast blood with Yang attributes as ink.

"What the hell is going on?"

Suddenly, the door opened and several white-haired men entered, followed by what appeared to be servants. Based on their clothing, the white-haired men looked like they probably had more money to burn than that Old Fogey Ye Mo.

"She's awake?" the one in front could not help but be amazed. "That was enough sedative to make an adult snow-fire tiger sleep for days."

"So this is an Absolute Yin Physique! It's really a legendary Spiritual Body!"

"We really gained a lot this time."

"Little girl, why have you not paid respects to your maternal grandfather?"

Grandfather, my ass!

Bah! Who's the kid you're trying to trick?

Yin narrowed her eyes. She could smell that these group of rotten potatoes have no good intention towards her.

She had never seen them before, and she could not sense the Ye Clan's cultivation technique from the qi they're emitting. She was pretty sure these men belonged to a different faction.

Well, though she's cute, she' not dumb. With her body in this state, until she understands more of the current situation she's in, she had to play along and plan along the way.

Yin made sure her eyes were large with awe and curiosity. Her cute rounded face made her look soft and defenseless.


"Yes, yes, I'm your grandpa." The white-haired man claiming to be her relative tried to smile amiably. "Grandpa has hurried over to cure you."

So fake!

Nod some more like a pecking chicken, you fake!

Yin tilted her head to the side. "You are my papa's papa? My mama's papa?"

"Yes! I'm your mama's papa! So be a good girl and follow what grandpa says, okay, Little Yin?"

She could remember trying to mess with a black-robed doll-to-be before she passed out. Did that toy of hers bring her here? Where is this? Is it far from the Ye Clan?

'Drats, I've been kidnapped!'

While they were talking, Yin did a secret trick and failed to sense any resonance between their blood. She sighed in relief that this was actually not the original owner's real family. If it was, she had to act nice with them to show gratitude towards her host body.

However, when she heard him call her 'Little Yin', she realized that they were scheming something against the Ye Clan. Bad people! She could not help but worry that the Ye Clan would immobilize its people to get her back.

But then again, she was only a nobody. If people were going to look for her, it would only be that Old fogey, Bro Hua, and Elder Sis Xuan'er. She could sense that these kidnappers had higher cultivation bases than those three, thus, they would be risking their lives if they were to come take her away.

After some thought, Yin deliberately let out a pout, suffering a kitten-like whimper. "Grandpa, grandpa, I want to have a bath. I am so smelly wu wu..."

The one in front could not help but frown. He gestured to a servant behind him. "Prepare a basin of clean water--"

"No! I want to have a hot springs bath! Mama says hot springs bath are the best for Niu'er's body!"

"Niu'er? Who is Niu'er?"

"Grandpa, I'm Niu'er! Don't tell me you don't know my real name?"

The old man smiled a dry smile. "Aren't you called Xiao Yin?"

"Eh? But Mama said my name is Niu'er. Everybody calls me Niu'er. Are you really my mama's papa? How come you don't know that?"

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