13 - Lemme See What Else

Claim to be an orphan's family!

It was a foolproof plan. After all, the little girl is only a toddler. Even if she does not play along or denies the claim, how convincing would her words be? Who would listen to her?

Proof? Evidence? Ming Yue Sect could produce hard evidence in a blink of an eye to show that Yin is a daughter of a sect disciple sent on a faraway mission. Who would dare question? Who would dare investigate the truth?

Even if the Ye Clan wants, they would dare not. After all, the current Ye Sect is in a very delicate situation right now. If Ye Clan offends the Ming Yue Sect, it would be easy to see the future of the once-hegemon of the Leaf City.

The two Great Elders of Ming Yue Sect could be said to be playing dirty, but who among those who have lived for so long not a cunning, old fox? Both Zhu Wei and Yan Yu refused to believe that Ye Mo would send such a precious "gift" to their foo

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