15 - Who would be conning who?

"I hate you!!!"

Those three words echoed loudly within the empty hallways leading to Zhu Wei's medicinal garden. Yin even tried to push and wriggle herself out Shangguan Ke's arms, even managing to land the soles of her feet on his bearded face. On his left cheek, there was a slightly wet tiny footprint.

For a second, the three old men were too astounded to move.


Completely audacious!

A little mortal kid was kicking the face of Ming Yue Sect's exalted Patriarch! And it looked like she did not care a wit that she's trampling on her own grandfather!

How dirty are a person's feet? What do they represent? If news were to get around, even if she's supposed to be his only descendant, it would have been completely a humiliation to him and the sect! He would become the laughing stock of Leaf City for years!

Shangguan Ke was angered to

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