Chapter 8

Dez ended up finding us a place fairly quickly, said he found a smaller city that needed another gym but they wanted someone in the space ASAP. We ended up moving just after Halloween, it was a full day of driving but as soon as we left I felt lighter. Dez looked happy, and I was glad that we could do this, we both needed a fresh start.

Our new place was on the edge of the city, the houses were spaced out a bit more and it was surrounded by a beautiful tree line. The house itself was amazing, the driveway was large enough for two vehicles, and when you walked in the front there was a large entranceway with another set of doors that led into the house. There were stairs that led both up and down, where if you went up to the left you would find the living room, and if you went right there was a hallway that led you to the kitchen and dining room and then carried on to the bathroom and two bedrooms. The base

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