Bonus: Connor (1/3)

** Two months after the council meeting **

“Bob Ross would be proud Dearest,” I smirked over at Alaric as I caught a glimpse at his sketch. He was surprisingly talented, although I wasn’t sure I was surprised anymore. It seemed like everything he set his mind to, he became talented in. His level of control and perfectionism coupling his desire to master things perfectly. 

“I very much doubt that my Dear,” he smirked at me, “but thank you,” he leaned over and kissed the side of my head. I loved these moments with him, where we laid on a blanket over the grass on our stomachs, sketching the tree line and he was relaxed and casual. 

“We’re about to be interrupted,” I whispered, and without warning Alaric tackled me into the grass, crashing his lips against mine in such a hot, wild, mess that had me moaning

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I literally squealed at Connor being Phoenix! I love that twist!

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