"How did you get so drunk!", Ash complained as he dragged Bright  to the bathroom and made him sit.

"Alex didn't stop me...also why am I explaining this to you.", Bright complained as he started removing his rings. "Wait...I wanna throw up", Bright  stopped and vomited all over Ash chest. Ash gritted his teeth together as he rubbed Bright ' back.

"Great", he grumbled as his lips pressed together.

"Honestly, not even sorry", Bright  covered his mouth as he saw Ash struggle with his dirty shirt.

"YOU...come with me!", Ash pulled Bright up and dragged him to the tap. "Clean yourself", he ordered as he turned on the shower and stood below it...washing his neck and hands. Bright played with the tap water for a bit until his eyes wandered to Ash  who had removed his t-shirt and was rubbing his chest with bath gel. The sweet smell of cinnamon intoxicated Bright as he trudged to Ash and stood in front of him.

"Bright !", Ash was startled as he pulled himself away.

"You smell good...", Bright  closed his eyes and raised his nose.

"I smell of vomit...Bright . Thank you very much.", Ash complained. "Now get off and dry yourself", he pointed at the towel stand.

When Bright  refused to comply, Ash helped him clean up and took him to the towels himself. Drying himself and Bright , he put on a clean t-shirt and helped Bright  slip into his trousers. Bright  still walked with difficulty and Ash  had to put him in the bed safely before he could proceed to drying his own hair. When Ash put down his towel, he saw Bright staring at the ceiling of the room.

"Bright ?", he asked. Bright  didn't respond. Ash got worried and he sat on the bed next to him. Bright ' eyes were red and tears were flowing out. His gaze was fixed at the ceiling and his fingers were shaking as if he was in deep thoughts.

"Hey...Bright", Ash shook his shoulder but Bright didn't reply. Ash got really worried and he tightly squeezed Bright  hand.

"Bright!", he called out again.

"I am a leader...I am a leader of Black dragon  for crying out loud.", Bright  mumbled.

" are a very good leader", Ash moved forward and starting stroking Bright  forehead.

"I am not a good human though", Bright choked. "I break people's hearts. I broke your heart", Bright  looked at Ash with tears in his eyes. Ash closed his eyes but he didn't stop moving his fingers on his forehead. "I thought I cannot have you and my position...not at the same time!"

" made yourself pretty clear!", Ash mumbled.

"What if I am wrong about it...Ash?", Bright  asked. Ash could see that Bright needed a comforting reply which he was incapable of providing at this point in their relationship.

"Bright ...whether you're right or is not the right time. Go to sleep...and if you wake up tomorrow and want to talk about it...we'll talk!", Ash  whispered near Bright .

"No...I can't sleep. Ash told me to think about it...", Bright  complained.

"Okay...we'll think about it...tomorrow. But right now, you need to sleep...alright?", Ash closed his eyes.

"Hold me?", Bright whispered.

Ash nodded and wrapped his arms around Bright . Bright  took those arms and curled into Ash trying to sleep. Ash was in his senses and Bright warmth provided him with comfort he'd been craving for a number of days now. He hadn't realized how much he missed Bright  until this moment when Bright curled up so close to him and snored in his neck. Ash relaxed and leaned back on the pillow closing his eyes. One of his hands still stroked Bright  back as both of them cuddled together.


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