"Stupid Alex", Bright croaked in his morning voice opening his eyes to the bright sunlight. He stretched and felt muscles around which is when he saw him. Ash was asleep next , one of his hands on his abdomen and the other stretched out in Bright direction. Bright found it hard to focus amidst the headache but he understood that he had spent the night sleeping on Ash arm. The embarrassment surrounded him as he rubbed his eyes trying to remember all that he had done to annoy his husband and his best friend.

Ash felt the weight lift from his arm and his eyes shot open defensively. He didn't have a sound sleep because Bright woke up a couple of times because of nightmares. "Bright", he spoke automatically as he woke up. Bright was still rubbing his forehead when he heard Ash call him. "Yeah...?", he replied. "Did you have a nightmare again?", Ash asked stretching his arms.

"No. I just woke up", Bright muttered and got up from the bed.

Ash yawned and threw himself back on the pillows as he saw Bright make his way to the bathroom. He came out a couple of times to grab his suitcase and then finally rubbing his head with a towel. Water dripped from his forehead onto his shirt leaving small stains.

"I don't usually get drunk, Ash", Bright sighed as he put on the water heater. "I am sorry for whatever you had to endure" Ash was carefully observing Bright movements so when Bright spoke to him, he looked away.

"'s okay"

"I am sorry for throwing up on you. I really am", Bright frowned remembering flashes from last night. Ash glanced at Bright and after a minute of silence, a genuine soft smile crept both their lips.

"'s okay. I can manage with one less t-shirt", Ash got up from the bed and reached for his bag.

"My father is coming to the Thailand today and he wants to speak husband", Ash spoke as he pulled out his clothes from his bag.

"Me? What does Jones James want to speak to me about?"

"I don't have a clue. But I said that you'll be there if and when you're available!"

"Great. I'll drop by after my meetings with the gang are done"

"Fine. I'll inform him", Ash stole a glance at Bright before he walked into the bathroom.

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