About a month later, Ash and Sia are going through some reports while she eats her third apple in the past five minutes. Ash just watches her eat it nonstop and laughs a little. "Fuck you I'm having such a strong craving for fruit and these taste fucking amazing." Ash laughs a bit more. "Good to hear, I'll let Bright know that he should stock up on them." "No because I have to be in the mood for it like yesterday with those weird chips." Ash nods and steals a bite, earning a whine from the pregnant woman. "Mean! You see this?! Your stupid dad is stealing my food!" She's stroking her belly as she talks. 

Ash can no longer contain it and bursts into a fit of laughter. Sia glares at him playfully until she gasps in shock. Ash is immediately silent and looks at her shocked expression in concern. "What? Are you okay? What happened?" She looks at him without saying a word and grabs his hand, placing it on her belly. Ash immediately freezes as he feels something move agai
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