Bright and Ash returns to the living room to Leo kneeling so that his messy diaper doesn't press against his skin. Ash gets closer and his eyebrows shoot upwards, the smell hitting him first. "Well good thing to know that this brand holds well. I think that is smart to change you this time, darling." Leo diaper looks like if he moves, the diaper will either leak or pop off. "At least you're cleaned out and healthier at this point." Bright takeout new dipear and change Leo and Leo is in a clean diaper now. The toddler notices and sits comfortably on the floor, reaching out for Bright as well. "Papa cuddle?" The other man smiles and lifts him into his arms.

Ash strokes Leo  hair and kisses his head. Bright yawns slightly and buries his face in Bright neck. "I think my darling boy needs a nap about now." Leo shakes his head while Bright sways gently, walking towards the bedroom with a pacifier in the hand not supporting Leo.

Bright gently lies Leo down in the center

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