Type  ended up in base up an hour later, being ok for an hour before heading to the base to grab his things. He packs all of his belongings quickly and texts Michael so that he can come help her. A door in his bedroom and Michael comes out with Man, each grabbing multiple boxes. Type grabs his ast few bags and follows them, letting the door  close behind hom. He was grateful that no one went looking for hom, the dress he wearing does not appropriate for base beacuse they have to follow dresscode whatsoever. Type hasn't taken it off yet since his stomach is still bothering him horribly. He starts to unpack his things in what Man said was his new room now and gets into a rhythm.

Michael heads to the Jia to get Richard settled and bright all his things, glad that Jia had a room ready for Richard  as well and she taking care of him till Type will be fine . He gathers the last of his things and enters his new room, which Man made sure had no one disturb them.

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