The Cursed Innocence
The Cursed Innocence
Author: Sofiya

The challenge of attending a marriage

YES! she had to do it ,dress up like she used to a few years earlier,look pretty again after all it was her brother's marriage.She had to remove the voluntary tan marks from her face.She was indeed the only young pretty lass who used make up to spoil her looks so that she could diminish the intensity of the devastating effect it was bound to have on young handsome boys.DE FACTO

she was the one and only female creature of any species who was making every effort to look uninviting to the opposite sex.It was almost 5 years since she had met her brother ,the only soul she could refer to as her family .

WOE BETIDE the day when their parents divorced each other and decided to divide the children amongst themselves .She had cried bitterly for many days after having had to part her mother and her brother both at the same time.To top it all she had to face the constant wrath of her new mother and her step sister. When finally her father accepted that she was no more than unsafe staying with them ...she started calculating and found that she had been living with her paternal aunt for 7 years by now.AUNT MERILYENE  was just another name she heard once or twice in a day from any of the four maids who served her.the frequency of face to face encounter was limited to once or twice a year .Aunt MERILYENE owned many industries which were located in different countries .

it was 7 in the evening and she felt a wave of hunger.she pressed the bell and two maids appeared immediately ."Bring me coffee and prepare cheese pasta ."She had often wondered what made LIsa,Lily,Aura and Bella  follow her instructions without  so much as a 'yes','no'or 'why' As she moved towards the massive dining room with 15 seats [she had never seen anyone other than her occupying any of those seats and that was an irony of fate.]She could always see photos of her friends adorning the walls in one corner of dining room .She always preffered to sit on the seat onlooking those pictures.Ned had such a secretive smile on his face 

no,no,Ned was alive ,in her heart not because she had loved  him but because of the guilt of ruining him.........

It is true that we reflect what we get ..a child like her who had only faced hatred and neglectance ..could not in any way have reflected love,sympathy or concern.......

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