'Heyy! look at him ..the one sitting next to Vivian what say girlss? ready for another bet! if I win he will be my eleventh ',giggled ELSA .

'I won't let that happen ..,see I will remove my shrug ..what do you say?'said she.

"I already surrender Nancy...if I was a male I would have fallen right dead .',exclaimed Maria in a subdued tone."moreover its rather insane to play with somebody's feelings when you know you are not serious."

"okay miss serious you reserve yourself for Joe and only Joe and one day he will desert you."Elsa sounded quite annoyed.

"Don't worry ,I will be the judge to decide who attracted his attention first,Happy?"

"I think Vivian i.e,Mr.X has already warned Mr.Y", Whispered Nancy.

"Elsa had been so mean with him after all,playing the lure me game for almost a week .Which is 5 days more than the prescribed limits of our bet."Maria sounded sympathetic.

"Okay now stop awakening the graves from the graveyard Okay ."Elsa was a bit irritated .She wanted in a corner of her heart to seem decent in front of Vivian more than attracting Mr.Y .

They waited for the table overlooking Vivian's table to be vacant and finally settled themselves ."Girls don't you think they are dilly-dallying already?.They finished their sandwiches long back.",Commented Maria 

Elsa was feeling more protective of Vivian.Why was he looking at Nancy??

It wasn't fair .She had attracted him first though it was her choice not to let him touch her in a wrong way .She was unable to stand it anymore Mr.Y and X both were scanning Nancy who was not letting go of a single chance to let the belt of her sleeveless dress slip .Mr. X stood up and walked towards them .Nancy gave him an inviting smile.Vivian sat back though trying to avoid Elsa .The few looks that he cast on her mistakenly made her whole body melt.How urgent it had been for him that day to remove her shirt and to kiss her bossom!!His every glance was intoxicating.

What if she made up with him ??For the first time she found Nancy stupid .There she was hand in hand with Mr.Y  walking out of the canteen but she didnt forget to look back at her and wink...She hadn't noticed when Maria had left for the lecture .Now only Vivian and Elsa were left behind in the canteen.Oh no!Where had she landed !He was already looking dashing with his black hoody jacket ,deep brown eyes, strawberry pink lips ...She remembered the last kiss violent could a boy be!!

"Elsa ,I am deeply ashamed of myself ,I didn't mean to tresspass my limits.,Please forgive me.I promise to be composed from now on."

"Leave me alone please Vivy I am yet to recover of that shock "While she left hurriedly she could hear at least a hundred 'please's following her .Finally she had reached the classroom safe amidst 100 students and a lecturer.

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