Ned was very delighted.He had been humming songs.A thousand years.......

How lovely Nancy was ,How devilishly charming.She had sung a song for him which was still echoing in his heart."Heart beats fast.."She was an enchantress in every aspect.He had never seen so much of a young female body ,so closely ever.How teriffically challenging it had been to control his impulses .Those wizardly impulses which prompted him to help her dress slide just a little more and display the most sensual peaks of those mountains.The chocolate toppings on a creamy layer,The brown peaks over snowclad mountains ,he had had such a clear pucture as they protuded almost an inch ahead through her semi-transparent dress..He used to sweat each time he thought of them .He didn't know if all felt it but he was basically ashamed of himself to feel like performing the act which he must have carried out on his momma's boobs when he was born.Why did his mouth water ?What sort of hunger was this?He searched on i

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