The Aftermath

Vivian was so nervous.Elsa was suffering from fever since Tuesday .Her mother had taken a leave to attend her.There was no chance of meeting her or speaking to her on the phone.To top it all he had got a call from Elsa's father asking him to meet him at his hospital.What the hell! Was he going to blame him for her sickness or file a case against him? It was actually his fault he should have listened to Elsa and first sought permission from her parents,then got married legally.He was given an hour time to visit him.He was almost there...but gathering courage to go in.Finally he entered the hospital  and was asked to wait .After an hour he was summoned.

"So youngman ,You are Vivian? "

"Yes sir"

"Do you like Elsa??"

"I do."

"Would you get engaged??"

Vivian couldn't believe his ears .

"I hope you aren't joking ,sir"

"And I hope you aren't playing With my daughter."

"Sir I love her dearly and she is the first and the las

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