A Note to the pearls in my garland

Dear Fans,

Words cannot express how immensely satisfied I feel to get every single view.Hope everyone is doing well in these troubled times, today being the 12 th day of May 2021.During this stressed situation I have made a meagre attempt to disperse the broadest spectrum of colours in your life.Though denied by majority of so called wise and sensible people Romance remains and will remain to be the dominant factor in instilling the lost spirits in us.By Nature's default lust will always remain invincible.The chariots of Venus will always carry us to our dreamworld and the cupid's arrow will continue to pierce young and old hearts alike .It is fruitless and futile trying to supress the hormonal urge which are just a part of another system of your biological self.So friends be lenient towards yourself as you should acknowledge yourself just the way you are with all your virtues and vices.

In this book I have endeavoured to bring out your original natural self.In this

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