The Auction

Few days later,Henry called Alexander and told him about an auction regarding the slots for the patners that were required for the 2 billion 6-star hotel project.

The auction were going to auction other mysterious things.

Alexander soon left the hotel he was lodged in and headed to the car park.After arriving at the parking lot of the hotel, Alexander went to the place where Henry Parked the car,The car is a Lamborghini Veneno which is one of the most expensive cars in the world today. 

"Mr. Alexander, Come on in. Otherwise, we can be late to get there"

Henry told Alexander to get into the car immediately.

Henry immediately stepped on the Gas pedal and hurriedly drove to the Building where the auction would be held.

Fortunately, the auction venue was not too far from the hotel.

In a few minutes the car driven by Henry reached the parking lot of the auction site, after getting out of the Lamborghini Ven

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