End Of Auction

The person who bargained in the Vip Room was of course Alexander, Alexander hoped that if there were no people who would compete because Alexander needed only about 12 million dollars, if the rich people in the VIP room participated then Alexander would definitely lose

Henry: "So Mr Alexander is also interested in antiques too ?, But this item is of origin and its use is unclear. Maybe this is just an ordinary antique that is already dropped by the past"

Alexander: "I'm quite interested in This Pendant Necklace"

Alexander can't possibly tell its usefulness because maybe Henry won't understand either.

 Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen? No one wants to bid anymore? If not, then the Master in the Vip Room will get this Pendant necklace."

Alexander was happy because no one wants to bid on a Pendant necklace that does not have an interesting history, this feels even easier.

"Two million five hundred thousand"

Suddenly someone else als

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