Evil Spirit

Alexander and Henry went to the pick-up place to collect the goods from the auction, when they arrived there were also some people who bought the items that had been won at the auction.

First of all Alexander let Henry discuss the proceedings from selling the Jade Slips, usually the result of the total auction would be cut by 7% and given to the organizer.

But because Henry was with Alexander, all the money Alexander had gotten at the auction was not cut in the slightest.

Alexander saw that his card was now charged, but it was rejected that still had to be used to pay for the White Pendant necklace and Villa.

After making all the money payments on the Alexander Account card, The card was returned to him.

Alexander immediately cursed the White Pendant necklace and tried its use, Alexander could only ask that this necklace is fine and not damaged, otherwise Alexander would be very lucky to buy 10 Million dollars.

Alexander drippe

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