Evil Spirit 2

This evil spirit can fend off Alexander's attack quite easily, it seems like Alexander must be serious now.

"Go"  Alexander mobilized all of his swords towards the spirit and swirled around the evil spirit as if he were forming a sword, the evil spirit tried to escape from the sword prison, but unfortunately only healed the flame sword.

"Hell prison" swirling swords emit flames and burn the evil spirits in them.

"Argggggg" desperate cries of evil spirits echoed throughout the room.

After there were no more screams, Alexander stopped the Hell Prison technique and saw that the evil spirit had disappeared, the matter about this villa could finally be resolved.

Alexander turned around and wanted to see the rooms in this villa.

But suddenly Alexander felt something dangerous approaching him

 "Bammm...." Alexander reflexively blocked with both of his wrists and retreated a few meters.

Although Alexander's hand was not bleed

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