Alexander didn't have parents or any relatives in this city........well not any that he was aware of, so how would he get out of this place?

He could not possibly contact those old fogies; Jeremy, Gregg and Shaw, they would cause alot of chaos and complicate matters further rather that settling it amicably.

There is only one person who can help him get out of this prison and that is the Vice chairman of the behomoth Company "Emgrand Group Of Companies, Henry".

He then tried to contact Henry at night, fortunately the call was successfully connected.

Henry: "Mr Alexander has a need to call me at this time of night? "

Henry who wanted to go home heard his phone ring, upon seeing that the one who called out was Alexander, Henry quickly picked it up and asked Alexander.

"Henry, can you come over to the police station now, I have a little problem with the police officer named Evelyn and need a little help from you"

Alexander asked Henry to

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