Brother Cain

At the bar, the people of the bar saw that the thug was about to hit Alexander. They all came over and were ready to watch a good show.

They often hung out at the bar. They’ve seen a lot of fights like this and they loved it!

"Too weak."

Alexander looked at the thug lightly. It was like a King looking at an ant.


Exactly, the thug in his eyes was just an ant, and he was the king.

He stood his ground without moving and extended his right hand, catching the fist of the thug. Regardless of how much this guy tried, he couldn’t escape.

This young man definitely came from some sort of background.

The people surrounding them were looking at Alexander in shock. Their eyes were full of curiosity and surprise.

After all, in this Zero-Degree Bar, there weren’t that many people who dared to fight against the thugs.

The thug’s face grew red. He felt like the

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