The Alpha CEO
The Alpha CEO
Author: Kenex

Bad News

Boom!! Pitch Black...

Alexander's head was rumbling, everything in front of him was pitch black...

The last memory Alexander had was of him releasing all of his anger after hearing that his parents were dead.

 As he slowly opened his eyes,he could only see a dim, blurry background.In front of him,a silhouette was moving back and forth. Next to the silhouette was a window; lightening flashed outside; brightly illuminating the room as if it were day.

Alexander tried moving his body but discovered that he couldn't lift his hand;a mixture of numbness and pain has left it paralysed. It was as if his limbs didn't belong to him.

He had a flashback; Before he fainted,he saw a news over the news that his parents had an accident and their body has been damaged beyond recognition.

His head was in a daze;it seemed like all his memories had turned to mush.Alexander opened his eyes as much as he could,trying to figure what was going on around him.


After another violent rumbling,his head hit the headboard of the bed, filling him with another outburst of unbearable pain as he passed out soon after.

He didn't know how long it had been, perhaps one  day or perhaps a week,when he finally regained consciousness and could feel his body once more.

While he was still trying to move,the door creaked and a middle aged man entered.

"Your reports are normal and you should be getting discharged in a week,here is your breakfast."

Alexander, listening to the middle aged man's voice stood up and found out that he was in a small room.In front of him was a man standing and checking his results.

Alexander silently ate the food and was thinking from time to time about leaving the country and establishing his forces before coming back to take his revenge.

He was certain that his parent's accident was more than it seemed

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