An Odd Cave

As Alexander moved deeper into the cave,he saw mountains of bones;even with Alexander's ability to remain calm in tough situations,he was unable to keep calm in this situation.However, when Alexander was about to turn around and leave,his eyes unconsciously drifted to a large turf of green grass with exotic flower's fragrance permeating the atmosphere.

In the center of the turf,there is a turquoise lake.Alexander was amazed looking at the scene;never would he have imagined that the front half of the cave was scattered with mountains bones and the other half a paradise.

His eyes further roamed the cave;the cave was bigger than he expected.He walked over and looked over a distance,more precisely a tree,growing almost at the top of the tree was a few red-colored fruits .These red-colored fruits makes the one looking at it disoriented, fragrance from the red-colored fruits wafts through the atmosphere, mesmerizing Alexander.

He didn't know what this fruit was but merely looking at the spiritual energy permeating the atmosphere around the tree,he was certain that it was an incredible fruit.

Alexander looked at the several pieces of the red-colored fruits,his throat swallowed involuntarily.Moments later,He leaped up about 2 to 3 meters up,he grasped on a branch on the tree,he gradually climbed towards the red-colored fruits,it was extremely strenuous,when he passed the ten-meter mark,he was already breathing heavily.

Few minutes later, Alexander reached the red-colored fruits after he climbed over 20 meters of height.Looking at the red-colored fruits in his hands,he couldn't help but wanting to eat it on the spot.He swallowed unconsciously but managed to control the desire to eat it at the spot.

He put the pieces of red-colored fruits in his bags as he slowly made his descent down the tree.Alexander soon took out a red-colored fruits and as he swallowed the fruit, the energy within the fruit dispersed into his body causing multiple strands of foul, sticky black mud to appear on his body.

Submerged within the feeling of swallowing the fruit,he had an extremely comfortable and warm feeling as if he was soaking in hot springs.Few hours passed,Alexander opened his eyes, finally absorbing all the energy within that fruit.He felt much more stronger and clear-headed than before,He noticed that his ability to assimilate things was also higher.

At this moment,a terrible odour hit his nose, looking at his body,he found out that his whole body was covered with a layer of sticky black mud.He knew exactly that this sticky black mud was as a result of the impurities inside his body.

Alexander stood up, feeling good and stretched his limbs for a little bit,he walked towards the lake to clean up his body.In front of the lake, Alexander stripped naked and with a splash he jumped into the lake washing off the sticky black mud on his body...

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