Dragon Egg

After that Alexander turned around gazing  at the dragon egg draped in flickering light with mythical rules and mysterious characters round its body. On the slip, information about this dragon egg was limited but when it hatches,the dragon will aide its master.Alexander examined the dragon egg and was quite satisfied.

"Dragon egg,You will accompany me from today," Alexander said as he caresses the dragon egg.As if able to understand the meaning of his words,the light around the dragon egg shone brighter,the mythical runes and mysterious characters dazzled brighter.

Seeing this, Alexander only grew fonder.Then, using the same method as Chaos ring,he dripped a few drops of blood onto the dragon egg,as the drops of fresh blood meld into the dragon egg,a bright-golden light burst out as it flew into Alexander body and a dragon tattoo appeared on his chest.

Alexander placed the slip and Primordial Chaos Chant into the Chaos ring for safe keeping and prepared to

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