The city lord's mansion was similar to the big families mansion back at his homeland.Looking at this scene, reminiscence appeared in his eyes.The Mansion surroundings had a man-made turquoise blue lake,lush green mountains, vibrant colourful flowers and glistening yellow stones.

A few white birds slowly glided above the lake.A cool wind whistled through, making the surface of the man-made turquoise blue lake ripple, blurring the reflection of the mountain range on the water.Ae he watched this scene, reminiscence appeared in his eyes.He was absent minded as he walked towards the main hall.

As Alexander stepped inside the main hall,a middle aged man walked in from one of the many rooms in the building;he had an authoritative air around him,he looked cleaned up and had a pair of white gloves,like a noble man who had just gotten out of a carriage.

Silently,he stared at the young man with a solemn look.From the soldier's words,this middle

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