Aurora Headquarters

---Aurora City---

A month later,Emin and Alexander arrived at Aurora City.This was the capital of Aurora Island.It was where Aurora Headquarters was located and also where Aurora forces were mostly concentrated.

Standing outside the massive port building, Alexander couldn't help but look at the massive building in awe.

At the center of the big building,the word 'landport' was written in a thick and gigantic manner for all to see.

Again,at the front of the building,he could see a massive strange flag hanging around the building.......

(Obviously this was Aurora's Island national flag).

He kept turning around and guffawed in astonishment as he and Emin moved forward,This place had an ancient and yet not an ancient look.

And just when they got close to the huge glass doors, magic happened.


The door opened on its own.Of course Alexander knew the doors could open due to sensor systems which were p

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