Seventy eight

He saw me from afar and ran up close to Tori, "why didn't you tell me?". ( Julian inquired, Tori, veers back and saw me ambling away from the living room, she excused herself and went after me.

"Sister!! Can we talk?" She veers back my attention, "talk about what?" I drone a frown. 

The look on my face signaled I wasn't pleased by the news, so she said, "am sorry, sister!!!! Please forgive me".

"Forgive you about what? Did you at least think before doing such and on a serious note!! Why do such?".  ( I said)

Tori opens up her mouth to speak rather than fall back, the second Julian called out to her from the living room.

"Go?" I add

"No!! She adds up also and drew me in for a warm hug. " Please forgive me?".

I listened and watched her contemplating,  to herself, it's either this is another plan of Mr. Ajay's or maybe, she's

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