The next day, I had to step out to get a glass of water from the fridge, but my eyes drift away to see the living filled-up reports who all surrounded Tori and Mom.

"What the hell?".

I walked over and dragged her away from there, unfortunately, one of the  reporter had to say something nasty against my sister that got me angered,  I couldn't help myself but nudged him down to the floor

"Everybody, get out". The furious tone in my voice made them disappear from one after the other. 

My eyes moved back and saw how yet again, shaken Tori was all because of them.

"Tori, please calm down for the baby". 

My words seem to have gone the wrong way, she frowns her face and ran up to the room.

I tried to go after her but mom pulled me back and said, "Leave her alone for now to calm down".

"Yes, ma'am" affirmed her suggestion only to go run back the second we had a glass scatter

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