Eighty four


It's been a month and every attempt to get Jason exposed, backfired, to a point that, I have a few days in getting Tori married to him, how do I stop the wedding?.


Alvin strolls in with a glass in his hand, "what's going on? I asked and he said, "I just overheard Jason's conversation with someone on the phone and somehow I feel it's Mr. Ajay he's talking with ".  Alvin explains to me.

A spark of curiosity dropped over my face, I jagged up from the bed and let out, "so what are we waiting for?". I said eager to obtain his contents to his conversation, rather Alvin nudged me back, "hold on miss firefighter and let's not forget that Jason's waiting for us to make a mistake". He declined my statement when Tori Walked in, "Is everything okay?" She asks obliviously to the fact that Jason's truth.

Alvin put on a calm posture and dragged me closer to him, "yes dear!! But tell me, why are you here

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