Hearts ūüĒ•

I noted on his face that he seemed serious about the whole proposition, wonder what he wants to tell me?. 

"What preposition, Alvin?".  I asked idling to hear his explanation, so he says, "I want us to get married!". 

"Wait what?". I Veered a step back listening to him, it feels like Alvin had forgotten that I cannot stand him at all, he has this way for bringing the worst in, in short, he's annoying.

"Look, Lisa, let me explain to us".  

Like a wolf taking notice of his prey and when to strick, I listened to him, Alvin weaves his mouth open and blatantly sum up everything as it was an obligated marriage to him, that he gets married to me within six months and gets his inheritance, then within the slated month to together,  he pays off the loan amount father took, before he died.

That wasn't a bad idea, after listening to him, I needed to get some time for myself and think because getting married isn't something that should be based on obligatory duties.  Don't get me wrong, I love and value my family but getting married to a snob like Alvin, is like jumping into hell.

Thereafter, he offers to take me home, and the moment the same stopped at the front door, I took heed of a couple of people, carrying a plasma TV that bought.

"Mom, what's going on?".

I got into the house and saw mom and my sister busy arguing with a man in dark clothes, I watched mom negotiate dad's favorite table piece in the living room.

I cannot believe, mom could be able to sell dad's properties, but why?. 

Eventually, Tori took heed of my presence behind her, she nudged mom sewing her eyes to me.

Lisa, before you say anything, I am only trying to save this house by selling a few things, we don't need anymore, to pay your father's debt".

Mom calmly looked, then please try to understand our situation kinda look, hence when I tried to speak up, dad's photo fell to the floor, veering our eyes the scattered pieces of his picture frame. 

Is the dad not happy, about Mom's decision or is he trying to convey a message to us, we looked on when Alvin walks in and attained our attention.

"Everyone out?" He commands In a pissed-off mood, returning our eyes to him.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?". 

Mom rushed over to stop them from going, alongside was Tori.

I viewed quietly from the side and watched them banter about what's with each other, apparently when I decided to leave them and go to my room, Alvin blabs out to my hearing.

"I am getting married to Lisa". 

I returned my eyes and noticed the look mom and Tori, "Is that true?" Mom asked idling for my response. 

I fell my eyes to Alvin and saw how itchy his ears were, waiting to hear my response.

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