When I told him, I needed time to think, it passed through his ears and out the other.

"Look, mom, Alvin told me everything but I don't think I'll be marrying him". I answered back.

"Why?" Tori butt into the conversation 

A flabbergasted glare draped around my face the moment she lets out to me, it's as if they don't recall anymore that I cannot stand Alvin, and marrying him is something I haven't even given my consent to, minus the fact his offer is tempting.

(Inaudible conversation)


After getting dressed, I walked downstairs to the living room and walked in on, a man holding a briefcase in his hand.

Tori walked behind and took notice of him as well, "who is he"? She asked as we both walked further attaining his attention.

"Good morning sir! How may I be of help to you?" 

He veers to me the moment he took heed of my voice.

"Hello Miss, you must be Mr. Leonard's daughters!" He answered back as we both shook our heads confirming his words.

(The man then continues talking).

He says hurling out a piece of documents in his hand," my name is James and I am a representative of union bank, and I came to inform you that you have 24 hours to evacuate this house". 

Tori almost fainted the second she heard him speak,  anxiously I looked at the document and saw that the slated date to pay the loan was due.

"Please sir, can you please give us some time". 

All my effect to reason with them backfired, the man closed his suitcase and walked away after giving us a stern warning to leave before they come to throw us out. 

My eyes wandered off and I saw Tori already crying her eyes out, "this shouldn't be happening," I said to myself, as she (Tori) ran upstairs leaving me behind.

After a while, mom walked out of her room and saw the deplorable look on my face, which alone gave her the idea that something was wrong! "Daughter! What happened this time?" Mom says I handed over the piece of the document the man who left earlier gave to me. 

Mom pinned a weak smile and passed the documents back to me. 

"So! What do you think we should do now, all destiny is in your hands". She lets out to me.

"Destiny in my hand? I don't think I understand mom?". I asked her, idling to hear her response.

Mom veers close to me, poked her head closer to mine, and uttered out, "do you still not understand, your father's company, house, and everything he owned is going to be taken away from him and you still don't want to marry Alvin?".

I pulled a step backward, "marry Alvin? I don't think so mom".  I uttered rolling my eyes.

"What do you mean, you don't think so?" She copied back my words to me.

We both ran out of words, geeking at the eyes of each other.

"I don't think, marrying Alvin would be the best option for us,!"  I copied back my words and noticed the funny look on mom's faces, she veers her back and said, "do you even have any other options? Look! Marrying Alvin is the only way to save the legacy of your father, don't you wish to save what your father walked hard to build?" Mom asked, apparently seeing how much she was willing to get me married to a man, I had no atom of feelings for! And just like father once said, my responsibility is to take care of the family after he's gone, neither did I know he would be gone so soon, (frowns).

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