Baby, how are you feeling! I am sorry for not coming soon earlier, I just found out what happened". She hugged me maintaining the same gloomy look on.

Mom walks out of the kitchen and saw I have finally returned home, she shoots me a weak smile and veers her head toward auntie.

"Here's a glass of water, take it". 

Aunt Marrietta takes the cup and gulped down the cold water brought in my mom, she buffed out a deep breath and sat down on the couch.

We all sat and waited for her to regain her lost strength, she buffed out a deep breath and veered trying to force a smile.

I know deep down, aunt was hurting inside, and so were we, losing dad as not only changed everyone's life to mostly mine, I went from miss party Queen diva to miss I just lost my dad, head placed down to earth, trying to help her family kind of girl, indeed it was the only option that urged me to even think of getting married to Mr arrogant.

Afterward, I ushered aunt into her room, along with her was brought a huge traveling box, it's as if, she ran away from home and wished to relocate over here. 

"Wow aunt, you have such a huge bag, I wonder how you managed to carry it from the city of Saint Louis". (Teased her)

Aunt laughed at the statement, I had just made!! She seats me on the bed after I placed her bags at the side.

"So tell me, what's going on? Anything new?" She asked fiddling for my response.

I ran a suspicious glare, when she says, what's going on, and if anything was new? What exactly was she driving out, does she know about Alvin and me? Has mom told her already?.

"Hmm! Auntie, I don't think, I understand what you meant by, anything new" In a wary look, I said to her. 

Auntie smiles and finally told me the real reason behind her wired questions, she says, "I found out that you're going to get married to Alvin Fisher, the CEO of fisher cooperation, and before you say anything, I already know the reason behind it! But I'll like to ask, are you seriously going to get married to a man, you have no feelings for?".

Indeed with everything going on, love is the least important to me, my family is the most important and if marrying Alvin, will secure them, I wouldn't mind doing such, luckily our marriage is only a contracted one, it's only a slated limited of time.

"Lisa, snap out of it". 

Aunt saw how further my thoughts ran, and if she hadn't snapped me back, it would have gone further away.

" Yes aunt, sorry about that, what can I say, if marrying Alvin, will make my family happy, I wouldn't mind". I copied and pasted my initial words to her, aunt tugged my hair behind my eyes, donning a weak smile.

"Do you want to something, I just found out?". She shoots me a weird expression.

"What did you?" I asked as she lets out the thoughts in her mind, "Lisa, you have grown up so much, in a short time! Maybe your father's death, was necessary to get your back on track". (smiles)

"Really? To the right track? How? Was I that rebellious to begin with?" I giggled out my words to him.

Aunt playfully dragged my ears, echoing her words through it, "you were the most rebellious child to begin with! Not only that but also stubborn and a party diva as well, partying was your middle name". 

(She nudged my ears away, wearing a smile)

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