Aunt and I shared a moment, but everything seems to weeder, when Tori walks in and Informed me that my attention was needed.

We both walked out to the living room and took notice of a young lady staring profoundly at me, she tries to walks closer but mom drags her back.

"Hello! Liza heart, I have been wanting to speak with you!" The strange lady let's out to me.

I veered closer donning a weird look, "who are you? I asked.

"My name is Carol and I would like to speak with you in private please!". She loomed her eyes  around and I sensed she didn't want anyone to hear our conversation.

Mom disapproved of her idea, but I was much curious about what Carol wished to speak with me about, I ran a weak smile and strolled out of the house with her.

We walked a further and when she noticed we weren't being followed, I veered donning a straight face.

, "Don't give me that look okay, I am here to talk with you about, Alvin fisher!". Carol says ambling closer.

A weak smile draped over my face when she altered Alvin's name.

"Alvin Fisher! Why do you wish to speak with me about him?". I raised a question and waited to hear her response. 

"Fine!! I'll explain everything to you!!". 

(Inaudible conversation)

(An hour later) 

I quietly listened and ran check a on everything being said by her, Carol made it known how much she was against the sudden alliance with a man I am only getting married for the sake of my family, if only she knew why I am getting married to Alvin, she wouldn't have come here to rant such words to me.

"Look here, miss Carol," I said attaining her attention, (continued talking) "did you, at least have a talk with Alvin before coming here to speak with me?'.

Carol squeezed her face and it gave me the validity that, Alvin had no clue about her sudden visit to my house.

"No! He doesn't know, I came here to see you". She finally found her words and confirmed the truth to me.

I jerked my head in disproval, pulled a step backward, and walked back into the house, as she veered inferring my snobbish attitude. 

"Sis! What's going on?". The second I strolled back in, Tori let's out to me.

Mom and aunt turned their attention over, fiddling to hear me speak, as I told everything to them.

Tori attempted to teach her (Carol) a lesson but halted when I disapproved of her idea. 

"Don't do anything stupid! At least not now, wait until, I have spoken with Alvin, himself". I affirmed to her.

Not quite long, my phone rang and it was the same person I wished to speak with.

I placed the phone on my ears, and before I could alter a word, he says to me, "come to the mansion and please wear something sexy". The call was out off. 

A startled look draped over my face, Mr arrogant it's quite getting too comfortable with me, I'll teach him a lesson when I get to the mansion.

(Fisher mansion)

As he instructed, I wore a red gown, my hair was packed above my neck as I ambled in, sewing everyone's attention to me, just to notice there was a party going on, "hello miss, you look beautiful tonight" Alvin walks up to me wearing a smile, he tugged his hand out and dragged me to the dance floor, for a weird reason, he acted lovingly and fixed his gaze on mine, as we kept on dancing to the music playing.

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