Alvin acted like the perfect gentleman in front of the journalists, he maintained his smile and continued dancing.

After a while, we returned to the party!! He took me by my hands as we walked close to a man and a woman who veered back donning a smile.

"Hello, son!!! Who Is she?" The woman asked still smiling.

Alvin shoots me a weak smile, held me tightly, and said, "actually mom, the lady here, is my fiancee".  He says, as the glass from his mom's hands dropped down and scattered around.

"What!!! Is this a silly joke, Alvin because If it is, I'll beat you to a pulp".  

He veers and falls his attention to the man standing beside his mom, thus I figured if the woman is his mom, the man must be his father.

"Oh please dad!!! Don't try to scare me in front of the woman I love, and before you say anything, yes!! Miss Lisa heart is going to be my wife".  

The second time he lets out the same words to his father, who turns his gaze to me, squeezes his face, and walked away without altering a single word.

Alvin's mom did the same and walked away leaving us behind in a startled manner.

With the way they both acted, I feel Alvin never told his parents about me, and he blows up the truth in hopes it might make them happy? Even if I were in their shoes I would have left that same way, they did and mostly beat Alvin to a pulp.

I veered to him, maintaining the same look, "what?" He says.

"Are you seriously asking me that? Don't you have no shame? How could you wait till now to inform your parents about your desire of getting married!!! Are you so dumb not to think this twice that it was going to hurt them!'.

My words seem not to have any effort on him, he kept on maintaining his smiley face, turned his back and left, also not altering a word to me.

"Annoying!". I mouthed to myself and walked away.

The second I tried to walk out of the house, there was a blackout, the whole Mansion was covered in darkness. 

The guest there loomed their eyes round, it was so dark that no one can see if anyone was ambling close to them until I felt a hand on my mouth, who dragged me away without anyone knowing about it.

The second I left, the light suddenly turned on!!! Alvin soared his eyes round trying to catch a glimpse of me, hence when he couldn't, he rushed to some few guests and asked if they saw anything out of the ordinary.

"No!!" That was their response to him. 

Meanwhile, I unlocked my eyes and saw myself tied up in a secluded place.

*Hello!! Who's there?" I screamed out in hopes anyone can hear me, but no one answered.

A few minutes later, a man ambled further and attained my attention to him.

"You!! It's you?" In a startled and dumbfounded manner, I said, as he replies to me. "Yes!! It is I but tell me, what made you think or better yet accept my son's invitation to being his wife?". The man says to me.

I had a weird feeling, is he the one that kidnapped and brought me here?.

"Look, sir!!" I gave in to my words but got interrupted yet again by him.

"Don't call me sir, you can call me, Mr. Ajay". He wears a devilish smile, fiddling to hear my comeback.

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