The atmosphere changed, Mr. Ajay pulls out a stool and sat down, his eyes still diced on mine, he proceeds again, "now, how about we play a game, you tell me who you are and I tell you what and why all this is happening, no one gets hurts, we all leave happy.

A curious look draped over my face, what the heck does he mean by such words, "look, Mr. Ajay, my name is Lisa and I am Alvin's fiancee". I affirmed to him, rather he shook his head and disproved, weaving a buzzer sound. 

"Wrong answer, Missy!!! Now let's try this again, who are you, tell me the truth and if you try to lie to me the second time, I'll make sure that your family gets the result of your foolish decision!". He says still maintaining the same look at me.

It finally came to me that he wanted to know the real truth and not the made-up one, thus I opened my mouth and said, "my name is Liza heart and I am the daughter to late Leonard and Alvin contracted me to be his fake fiancee". 

The second I spoke up the truth, his fake suddenly light up, he seemed pleased by it.

"Wonderful, now that's what I am dying to hear because I know that Alvin isn't someone who believes in marriage, his only using you to get what is again?". He plunges in thought trying to find his words, "oh yes!! His inheritance" his enthusiastic response got me thinking, what the heck is going on and why?".

My pending question got the answer when Ajay let out the reason behind this action of kidnapping me from the party.

He says " now listen to me, miss Lisa and listen good, I need you to play the part of deceiving my dear stepson and inquire the property papers for me, and don't worry, I'll triple the amount Alvin's paying you". 

He waits for my response, reinstating the same look at me.

I buffed out a deep breath, wore a weak smile, and muttered back, "what if I say no!! What would you do?". 

Ajay busted out laughing, he holds his stomach trying to control the excitement within, wiring a furious tone, "do you really wanna know? Because I am sure that your family will pay for it, most especially your sister, what her name again!!! Oh yea, Tori heart right?".

His threatening voice nudged me to the wall, I brushed off, teething at him, "you have no idea who you're messing with and if you dare touch a hair from Tori's head, I'll kill you, I swear, I won't hesitate to pull the trigger straight to your skull".

(The atmosphere between us settled for the moment, but uproars again)

"Damn!!! You have the firing gaze, no wonder Alvin chose you," (smiles).

His words made no sense to me, what the heck does he mean by that? (He continues talking)

"Am impressed miss Lisa and don't worry about your sister!! She will be fine, as long as you do what I ask of you!!". 

(He veers his back to leave but repaid his eyes to me) 

"Oh before I forget!! You have only three months to round up everything and hand over the power of attorney to me and under no circumstances should Alvin nor anyone know about it, or else" 

Ajay gestured before replying with his words, "I'll kill you sister, and everything you love!! Wonder what your father will say, so be warned".

(Unfrozen and left me still tied up to a chair)

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