Chapter eleven

Somehow I managed to get myself free, I strolled out and found out, I was still at the mansion but was kept at bays length, you can say, it was a little cabin built separately from the mansion, luckily Alvin rushed out and sighted me from a far distance.

"Lisa!!"  He attained my attention and ran to me. "What are you doing here!! I have been looking for you, I even thought you were kidnapped!!" He recedes donning a relief look on his face, if only he knew I was kidnapped by his very own stepfather.

"Am sorry!! I thought of having a stroll around the house, so I walked and found myself here!!". 

(I lied to him) 

Alvin shoots me a weak smile trying to read the interpretation I had on, receding with his words, "okay!! But next time, tell me before going anywhere, I don't want anything happening to you".

A weak smile smudge on, "you do know I can take care of myself, I am a grown-ass lady!!!" I said as he shoots me the look, that's reads, "oh really!! I didn't know". 

(We both walked back to the party)

The party went on as we ambled back into the party, Alvin's mom walked up to us, "Lisa!! Are you okay, we were worried about you". (Concerned)

Before I could say anything, Mr. Ajay walks right in and drifts our eyes to him, "aww!! Baby, I believe my son's fiancee, only wanted to see the beautiful mansion, am I lying miss Lisa".

(He wears a creepy look at me)

"No sir!!! You are right, and by doing that, I found out the most difficult truth about someone". 

Ajay and I both talked in riddles, he shoots me a look and I did the same, whereas Alvin and his mom shared a confused look at each other, and repaired it back to us donning the exact look.

"Is everything okay? I feel some kind of weird tension going on between you both". Alvin says, immediately his mom affirmed the same thing as well.

Ajay veers his eyes and said, "my love everything is fine, don't mind us, we were only messing with you, and hopefully Lisa and I get to see each more often, I'll love to be so close to my son's wife to be" 

He gives himself a few headcounts before proceeding further, "welcome to the family, miss Lisa heart, and I am sure that, your limited stay with us will be memorable, don't you think Alvin?". 

"Dad!! I don't think I understand your words, what the hell do you mean about a limited stay, because I am so certain that Lisa is going to be my wife". 

Ajay sends a signal, veers back, and left with Alvin's mom who still couldn't understand what just transpired between us.

(After the party)

Alvin drove me back home, and after a few hour's drive, the car stopped at the entrance of my house, "here we are miss Lisa, goodnight and thanks for today"? In a loving tone, he lets out to me, smurfing mine as well. 

I pulled the door opened when a thought came to me, veered back, and said, "Alvin!!! Is there anything going on between your dad and you? Does he truly see you as his son?".

(Alvin's plunges In thought before returning his words to me) "yes please, my dad loves me so much and he also loves my mom, no matter how harsh his words are, he's too caring to do anything against me".

"Oh! Really" I was speechless after he made that known, it's either Alvin's talking about someone else, or rather he has a fake impression about a man who's eager to kill and take everything that belongs to him.

"Okay!! Goodnight". I got out of the car and left him watching me.

(He waited till I walked into the house before speaking)

"I am sorry Lisa, it's best you don't know what going on, it's not as if I don't want to tell you but it's for your safety and that of your family, I only need you to help me secure my inheritance and we will go our separate ways the moment everything is done". 

(Drives away donning a sad look)

Question of the day?.

A)  Ajay finally aired out his demands! Will Lisa do everything he says for the sake of her family or will she become a barrier to his, selfish desire?.

B) Lisa went from being the contracted wife to Alvin, to be a medium in taking everything the same man, who gave everything to help you !!! Can Lisa go on with the plan?

C) will Alvin's fear of losing Lisa, end up being his greatest strength?  When two hearts are coiled, can you imagine what will happen?.

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