13_ bitch

before the sun rises.

It was still dark outside, the dullness of the place covering every moving creature, although some of the holes outside gave the place a little bit of borrowed light from the moon outside of this damn place. A shadow of a man jumped to the place to place this creature, which lurked in the caliginous place until he reached the mansion that he could conceivably have found the person that he had been looking for.

The mansion of the Zapanta's is one of the zeta's of the crimson blood pack. The stronger zeta of the group of wolves living in this, let's call it an isolated place,

The man sits on the sofa as he manages to sneak into the said house like he was the owner. He waited until the person that he wanted to

The man that he thought had died a long time ago That man was his uncle.

The light bulb turned on, and the not-so-old man jumped in surprise when he saw that he was sitting on the sofa.

"What the! "You surprised me, Killian. I thought that you came back
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