17_ Serena's mate


After that day, my parents wouldn't allow me to come back to school, and my father wanted to make sure that the entire school was safe. Though all of the people at the school thought that my father did conduct a major investigation and examine the whole school and any place that could be the hiding spot of the culprit who attempted to hurt me, they wanted to make sure that this wouldn't happen again before letting me go back to my usual day at school. After three days, at last, my father let me go back to school.

Yet it's been three days. I still don't have any news regarding Killian other than his being in danger because the crossbow that hit him was poisonous. According to the servant that I ordered to gather information regarding Killian's condition, he was transferred and brought to the west part of our realm, where the sanitarium for the serious illness was. It means Killian's condition was really serious.

Killian was one of the strongest guards and the next Zeta of our
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