47_ finding mate

Third POV

"Are you sure of this? Do you want to accompany me?" Before jumping into the fall, Joshaque asked Exodus one last question. They memorized every detail of the map over the course of the night, and now they were ready for the most dangerous mission of their lives.

"No one is going to be able to stop me now. You don't need to be concerned about me. This was something I really desired."

The Zeta Joshaque nod at Exodus, he assumed, was doing this to impress the new Alpha and gain a better rank. Exodus was well-known for his mad love for the princess. He knew more about it than anyone else in the palace. He noticed that, unlike the other princess guards, this man was constantly outspoken about his affections for Serena over the years he was guarding her. But, come to think of it, Princess Serena vanished as well once the late Alpha was gone. For a few days, I forgot about her because of everything that had transpired.

"Josh, don't think about anything. Keep our attention on the
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