50_ dive into death

Third Pov

"Mother, the girl seems to be telling the truth." She wasn't a rogue or a nasty person in any way. "Perhaps we haven't heard her palace name."

The Ophidian's son was the top son of the snake clan in the underworld's second level. The people who lived here were a part werewolf and half snake, but they were distinct from first-level wolves in that they had snake power but only half the wolf power.

"Stop talking to Eros, whether she was telling the truth or not." I'm certain she's descended from royalty. That was the blood we needed to get into the palace and find the map."

Lilith declared, her face solemn. Even though she was certain that all of the royal blood had been buried millions of years ago in their book. She never gave up hope that they would find the map hidden in the abandoned palace of those pure-blooded wolves eventually. Serena was certain the girl had royal blood based on the hue of her blood. According to their research, the underground where they were now was
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