51_ disaster


We need to make it happen sooner rather than later. If I were the only one, I could make there in exactly how many minutes and be well on my way by now, but we were accompanied by elderly people, a woman, and a youngster. As a result, moving quicker is quite difficult. My brother and I, along with Uncle Colton and a few of my pals, including Clode, were towards the end.

The water was steadily vanishing with each step we took. Because the path to the next falls was so steep, I expected something like that. However, I was concerned that the more water supplied on the other side, the stronger the stream would become once the rock gave up on holding the hole together.

"We must move faster." Killian says.

"I have a feeling those rocks we covered on the other side aren't going to last much longer." Killian remarked.

"I understand. "How do you feel about it?" I remarked, my gaze fixed on him. My head couldn't think straight anymore, even though I knew he was merely scared. I sigh and
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