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I couldn't help but widen my eyes as I realized what kind of creature was in front of me. A rogue I used to know was not like this, as far as I recall. I knew the rogue was normal, just like me. They were fugitives. Yes, they were crazy and a pain in my father's ass, but they weren't always like this. Perhaps I haven't seen their true form and this is it.

"Serena" "Run, get inside, hide where you think you would be safe! " Ricky yells at me, then slashes the monster rushing at me with his sword.

Erich grabbed my hand and we bolted from the main hall, which was has a lot of crawling rogues.

"Did I say to stay in your room? I assumed you wanted to leave this under world. So, why didn't you look after yourself? If I do have your blood, I will stay away from all danger."

I wanted to respond to what Erich said, but we both came to a halt when a creature sprang in front of us, then converted into a man.

The face of a white-haired guy visible through the faint light of the palace was
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