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Third Pov

"What are you talking about that all of the rogues have already crossed the waterfall?"

The new Alpha of the Crimson Blood pack screams at his soldier as he reports to him on what is happening to the waterfalls, which are all the underworld creatures' only means of escape.

They put a big stone over the waterfall's opening underneath it so they might stroll on its surface, your highness.

The soldier responds, fearing his new Alpha will be upset with him.

"Then why haven't you told me as quickly as you could so we can stop them as quickly as we could. They cannot reach the surface first. We have to rule above whatever was there. Gather all of the soldiers and anyone that wants to help us. If those rogue could do it then we can do that as well more than they could."

The soldier swiftly gathered everyone once the Alpha yelled.



Erich asked the old man who was still gripping our hand strongly, "What are we doing here?".

I want to fight back, but I found it difficult
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