82_ vampire


I don't understand why I've been acting this way. I know that I don't care even if Adriana was my mate, I still have a lot of things to do. I'm taking care of my love life. I want to bring my memory back first before anything else.

I talk to my friend Clode to tell him that I found my mate accidentally

Who would think that Adriana would be my mate? Like what the hell? As far as I remember, my friend Clode told me that she was my wife. I've been married using my brother's name. However, it was still me who married the girl just because I wanted to get him to the Crimson Blood Pack circle because I wanted to take revenge for what happened to my family, especially my parents.

So my brother Killian had nothing to do with it. It was just. Clode said that Adriana was the kind of girl I ignored. I'm as curious as the other girl who wanted to be my friend; I ate and then discovered she was my mate.

Maybe because the way she dressed up was the reason why I didn't recognize her back the
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