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I've been walking for almost an hour but still haven't seen even the shadow of Kyzer.

However, while I was walking into the woods, I heard someone talking, so I stopped and walked very silently.

I took a deep breath and tried to peek from the bushes where I was hiding, and I saw some random man talking behind Kyzer.

But a step backward when I saw that the man bit Kyzer's neck.

I know that I was not dreaming. All that I was seeing was real.

My heartbeat was so fast. But I didn't know why I felt like I was scared and shaking inside. This is the first time I've seen something like this. I've seen a lot of monsters since I stepped here, but those monsters that are eating flesh don't make me feel like this.

There is something about this creature that makes my body shake inside in fear.

However, when I stepped backward, I didn't notice that I stepped into a dead branch. That made a sound and the creature who was busy biting Kyzer turned his head in my direction.

I was shaking in fea
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