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"What is happening to you? Why did you come here all alone?"

I shouted while I was running to my brother. I immediately carried him on my back. He was bleeding to death and I was shaking in fear. I can't help but feel that my brother was very important to me and that I don't want to lose him, no matter how stubborn he is.

Adriana and Clode were following me behind.

We are now going back to where all of the people that we've been protecting were waiting for us. I was just hoping that nothing happened to them while I was away.

Earlier, when Adriana asked me where Kyzer was and went through the woods to look for my brother, I suddenly felt guilty because I know that there is something happening to my twin brother, so that's why I followed them.

And I am glad that I did because if I didn't, I may have lost my brother just like that.

He may be healed because I noticed that it was a wolf. Our wound was easily healed after how many hours?

I come to a halt for a moment when I hear Adr
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